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Booking a Hotel: 6 Crucial Mistakes to Avoid

For the best holiday experience in Miles, Queensland, you should make sure everything will be taken care of properly, especially your accommodation. While making hotel reservations seems to be fairly straightforward, you could commit some serious blunders during the process that will ruin your trip. With that said, here are six mistakes that you should avoid when booking a Miles hotel:

1. Neglecting to Call the Hotel Directly

It is recommended to call the hotel directly when booking your stay, especially when you have certain questions in your mind. If you have special needs, like accessibility, pet-friendly facilities, or playground for children, the hotel’s front desk will be able to provide you with answers that you would not find on its site. Basically, a quick call to a hotel Miles has can settle any doubt that you might have.

2. Using the Wrong Travel Dates

Most rookie travellers commit the mistake of failing to provide their correct departure and arrival dates when booking their accommodation, causing them to get another type of room, instead of their chosen one, when they arrive at their destination. To avoid this scenario, you should have your itinerary on hand when booking your Miles hotel. Also, consider the time zones when you are crossing international date lines.

3. Deciding to Book at the Wrong Time

Either way, doing a last-minute booking or making a reservation too early will cause you to pay more for accommodation. Usually, rates can soar in the days leading up to a particular season, while prices can fluctuate months before your travel dates. As a rule of thumb, start checking rates at least 40 days prior to your trip, and if they seem to increase, book your stay.

4. Not Using Your Credit Card

Like when travelling to other destinations, your credit card would be the best mode of payment when booking a hotel in Miles. Not only that it grants you rewards, it also offers fraud protection and immediate refunds for mischarges, unlike debit cards. Moreover, it leads you away from paying an incidental deposit to the hotel for overdraft fees.

5. Failing to Check the Hotel’s Policies

When you rush in booking a hotel, you might forget to check its deposit or cancellation policies, which could be a crucial mistake on your part because you might have got a non-refundable reservation. So, when trying to find hotel in Miles, make sure you carefully read its policies before finalising anything.

6. Not Being Able to Check Parking Availability

Checking if your chosen hotel has a parking area is very important, especially when you are travelling with a car. This will keep you from the hassle of having to find a parking space every day during your holiday. Check out

From not calling the hotel directly to checking parking availability, these mistakes can actually break your trip. So, whether you are travelling for leisure or business, it is important to observe best practices when booking your accommodation. Now, if you are looking for a great Miles hotel, check out the Western Downs Motor Inn.

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