How To Get An Insurance Breast Pump

An insurance breast pump is ideal for a mother to have as it is a useful tool that can be provided to her for free. That is, an insurance program will cover the cost for mothers to get one of these pumps for her to use. This means that she can take care of the nursing needs she has without being forced to spend more money than what is necessary. You too can take advantage of a pump covered by your insurance policy by using a few sensible steps listed below:

1. Review Your Insurance Policy

You must first check on your health insurance policy to see if it offers breast pump insurance coverage. For instance, you should check to see if it is older than 2012 as not all insurance policies before then may offer coverage; they may have provisions that do not allow for breast pump coverage that might have been transferred into your new individual program. Every individual insurance provider will have its own standards over whether or not you can qualify for coverage in some way so be sure that you carefully review the terms available before applying for a free breast pump.

insurance breast pump
insurance breast pump

2. Is It Really Free?

Your insurance breast pump coverage may allow you to get a pump for free. However, you might have to use a co-pay to take care of the cost of the pump. This co-pay is extremely minimal when compared with what you might spend elsewhere. The co-pay may be worth less than half of the cost of the pump itself.

3. Check For An In-Network Provider

Your insurance policy could potentially provide you with coverage for a free breast pump, but you have to stick with particular in-network providers. These are organizations that will provide you with coverage for a pump you can use for your nursing requirements.

A provider can get in touch with your insurance company to review your information with regards to the particular pump you are getting. This includes a full review of what you plan to do with the pump and how it may be used. This in turn should help you get the most out of your plans for breast feeding while also allowing you to potentially have a choice as to what you want to get out of your particular pump as you use it.

4. What Pumps Work?

You might wonder, “Are breast pumps covered by insurance the same as the ones I’d find in a hospital?” Well, the truth is that a hospital grade breast pump rental may not qualify for use within your insurance policy. Still, you may end up getting access to a quality pump that is easy to use at home or even portable in its design. These include pumps from top-name brands like Medela, Tomy, Ameda and Spectra.

You must check on your insurance policy to determine if you can acquire aninsurance breast pump device at little to no cost. You can learn more about what’s available and how to acquire a pump by visiting the Insurance Covered Breast Pumps website at

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